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"Peter Else"

My first passion in painting is the self-portrait. I want to paint subject matter that I know something about and can study in detail; I am also driven by a desire to look inward. Finding connections between my own outward appearance and my internally held self-view is interesting and rewarding and led naturally to the examination of other subject matter. I try to find those subtle clues in every face and form that reveal something of what lies behind. I paint to explore how personality, emotion, experience and ideas are expressed in form.

The interplay of line, shape and color and the emotional energy created by that interplay drives my process. I often deconstruct my subject matter into inherent forms and contours in an attempt to explore the impact of shapes and color in isolation and as part of a whole. I try to keep the eye engaged and inclined to linger with balance between opposing forces; light versus dark, motion versus stillness, open versus closed. I feel successful when I create a pathway for the eye that begs for another look and leaves the viewer with an emotional sense of the subject.

By bringing out the emotional truths behind face and form I hope to also understand basic truths about life. Among other things I am interested in exploring the essence of ego and alter-ego, the power of belief, the nature of good and evil, and the human need to deify, demonize and classify. For me my paintings represent my effort to reconcile the apparent realities of life with the interconnectedness of all things.