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I've always painted and drawn although it was only some 20 years ago before I produced anything I would actually show anyone. As with most children, crayons were my medium of choice although when they disappeared as punishment for having left them to be crushed under foot; I found that carving imagery into the soft wood of my headboard an OK substitute.

Once I began taking formal art instruction at local art schools I started out painting with oils and eventually transitioned to acrylics. Thanks to a good friend who insisted our next class had to be in watercolor I started a whole new path in my artistic journey. I was certain I wouldn't enjoy watercolor but when the instructor said it was time to clean up, I was convinced only ten minutes had passed. A quick check of my watch confirmed three hours had elapsed . . . That was it, I was mesmerized by the medium and hooked by its unique properties. I continue to be blessed with instruction from a number of extraordinary watercolorists and teachers.

I refer to my work as abstract reality. I am passionate about the world in which we live and the beauty that surrounds our everyday life. It is this readily available subject where I find my inspiration. Subjects of foreign cultures and historical perspectives also inspire me. I work primarily in watercolor and prefer not to control it, meaning that the water and the colors are left to their own magic and I respond to the direction the paint leads me.

My originals, giclées, and prints are sold at juried art shows, outdoor exhibitions as well as in galleries and I've been commissioned for a number of private works. I have been licensed on greeting cards and six of my works are published in three books by internationally recognized artist, Karlyn Holman on the subject of watercolor painting. I have won a number of awards for my work and I continue to strive for excellence in all of my artistic endeavors.

Aside from painting I love to teach watercolor locally and abroad. As an instructor I am continually excited and challenged to explore watercolor with new eyes as well as being renewed by each students' growth process.

Thank you for your interest in my art.