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"Vandy Shake"

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Experimenting with color, textures and shapes as well as experimenting in different mediums: watercolors, acrylic, mixed media, oils, and drawing a few of my favorite subjects. You will notice that I love to learn and do processes. Being challenged, exploring and figuring out how to get the look and feel I want in the final phase of the art work. The heavy textures, symbolism, and documenting events are the statements that I'm making with my work.

It's my feeling that an art piece is never finished. As you work through the design process of each piece you learn something you could do different. So in essence you could paint the same thing again and again but change the color, time of day, year, and emotional quality and come up with a different piece. Even the use of different materials for the piece i.e. painting vs. collage vs. printing gives you a different concept of the same subject.

As artists we are working through the filters of our heritage, mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Thus it is left to the viewer to determine the art piece's meaning to them depending on the interpretations from their own lives. You could form a different interpretation of the art work than the artist's original statement.

My studies of photography, interior design, and crafts have greatly influenced my painting techniques and design work; as well as the above mentioned philosophies.

Most of the pieces displayed are local award winning original paintings.

Several professional offices in Indiana, Illinois, Canada, and Florida have purchased my original paintings or photography.

As a graduate of the University of Tennessee majoring in Art Education and Commercial Art, I have continued to take numerous workshops in Art and Photography at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN., Crealde in Orlando, FL and the Green Door Studio in Vincennes,IN as well as workshops offered through the different organizations and studios.

I have been honored with solo shows in Illinois, Indiana, and Florida. Exhibiting in the other states garnered more ribbons for my paintings.

I'm currently the President of the Ocala Art Group. The oldest and one of the largest art groups in Central Florida. We meet the second Wednesday of each month in the Appleton Museum.
Come and join us for our meetings and demos.