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Albert Sanowskis has been involved in photography all of his life. At age 10 he was busy taking photos with a 1930's vintage folding camera and developing the photos in his bedroom closet dark room. His mom and dad just "loved" the smell of fixer and stop bath as it permeated the apartment. His high school years outside of Chicago were full of photographic pursuit. Following everyone around with his cameras earned him the position of yearbook Photography Editor. His eye for light landed him the the position of Lighting Director for the school theatrical productions. Theater became such a part of his life that the considered pursuing it as a career. Prospects for success in the 70's as a lighting director were slim and cooler heads prevailed.

Five years at the University of Illinois at Urbana earned Albert a degree in Engineering. During his stint at the U of I he operated a successful photography service with 4 photographers employed, specializing in fraternity / sorority events as well as portraits of pretty girls -- for their boyfriends. Leaving Illinois behind he headed to South Florida where he became a successful general contractor building high end residential and commercial projects.

In the mid eighties Albert discovered the "Zen" of computers and his life changed forever. When the rest of the world was perfectly happy with dot matrix printers for computer printouts, Albert discovered that laser printers could do a whole lot more than put letters on a page. Discovering that laser printers could quickly draw things on a page led him to invent the first software program that could take a print job of an invoice from an accounting program and merge it with an electronic form, thus printing form and data on plain paper without having to buy expensive printed forms. In the early nineties he invented the same process for MICR check printing. Businesses no longer had to purchase expensive check forms for all their checking accounts. Needless to say, photography took a back seat for a few years. About thirty to be exact.

In early 2003 Albert got back in to photography when he discovered the "Zen" of DIGITAL photography. He does professional photography part time -- portraits for the most part but some product and weddings too -- mainly just for camera toy money. His day job as CEO of Trans-Micro, Inc., a nationally known computer software company, keeps him pretty busy. You also may have noticed from his web site that he also collects vintage high voltage photographic lighting equipment and designs modern power supplies for them.

Albert lives in northwest Marion county with his wife, Linda Harlow, and their two kitties, Gracie and Moustacha.