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"Donald R Borie"

As influences of art and life shape my character, so time perfects my art.

"Bonnie Eads"

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Watercolors : Story telling through painting.

"Peter Else"

I paint to explore the emotion and thought that operate behind the masks of face and form.

"George Hanover"

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In Memoriam: Ocala's Patriarch Artist. His sculpture is available. See Inventory.

"Linda Harlow"

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Art Deco, bold colors and streamline modern oil paintings

"Ernest W Neal"

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"Lou Petty"

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Unique Jewelry

"Diane Jones Pribisco"

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Painted Glassware

"Sue Primeau"

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Watercolor is the magic in my art, which I refer to as Abstract Reality, offering a twist on traditi

"Albert Sanowskis"

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A lifetime photographer, I prefer the technically perfect image. No filters, no "artistic" coverups.

"Marcelle E Schvimmer"

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I do work on commission besides my gallery work and have exhibited throughout Florida.

"Grace E. Senior Morandi"

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I like to experiment with my Art to create new techniques and produce something to enjoy it.

"Vandy Shake"

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Classically trained, I prefer to experiment with abstract, non-representational and representational

"Margaret H. Watts"

MW paints "the Florida everyone loves -its residents, buildings, lakes, rivers, rolling hills and th

"Rich Woy"

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A versatile artist and painter whose works include oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and graph