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Linda Harlow -- 09-01-2016

   Critique will resume Thursday September 1, 10 am

                         PURPLE COWS

A popular author talks about Purple Cows....How does that apply to artists? Seven questions to ask on our quest for "Purple Cows".

Don't forget to bring in a couple of your paintings in progress for the critique. Or come for the conversation.

Are you stuck in the mid-tones, rhythm isn't grooving, eye movement dead in its tracks, colors lacking sparkle, nothing lurking in the shadows. Lets other artist who are not emotionally involved in the are piece give you positive feedback on how to make your compositions stronger. Artist helping other artist are what it is all about. Usually a minor tweak is all your piece needs.







Linda Harlow -- 08-31-2016


A all new and exiting exhibit will be on display at the gallery until November. Included in the exhbit are 10 formerly pink flamingo's that have been transformed into funny florida art forms.



New at the gallery

September 2016, Sunny, Funny Flordia, (An Artistic View)

November 2016, The Art of Gift Giving (Priceless Not Expensive)

January, 2017, Make Mine Chocolate, ( Please......)

March 2017, You don't have to go to Paris to Paint ( The Beauty of Light)

May 2017, Painting the Music (Transforming the senses)

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